Come in, let me tell you a story . . .

Your story teller: Yahaira L. Reyes

Ideas, thoughts and opinions have always haunted me. They come and ask me to share them with the world, to grant them their so desire metamorphosis.

They want to change, to become more than fantasies; to change into stories, to be known, shared and to be real.

‚ÄčI live in one country but was born in another one. I am a citizen of the world and my imagination reflects just that.

I have been writing, imagining since I was 16. After a Sabbatical of one and a half decade (or what you could call "A Major Writer's Block"), the ideas and thoughts have come back screaming for exposure.

This page is my attempt at calming the voices and sharing my imagination with you.

Any comments or suggestions are very welcome.

Enjoy and happy imaginary trails!