Come in, let me tell you a story . . .
And the Enemies unite
by Y.L. Reyes on September 7th, 2012

How cruel is the heart, how callous the brain!
They are always contenders in eternal battle
Cracking one’s logic, controlling one’s desire
Until a new player changes the status.
A new battle commences against their protector
Heart and Brain united, in this strife undivided
Becoming the most grandiose of eradicators
The carnage a harvest of planted sadness.

They do not want peace, no beauty allowed
their host fights but weapons are useless
the strength of the duo is without a doubt
a power alliance that shields reduces.

The victim resist but quickly discovers
the reason for being creating this war
a certain condition tucked under the covers
the fighters instructed to simply abhor.

The sentient begins to believe the reason                        
embracing the ideology previously fought
No longer resisting but giving into treason
exhaling peacefully laying in the dust.

Now the conflict is over, rulers
Dictating in darkness, hatred a must
the body is empty, gone the “affliction”
it has been defeated, trust is no more.  

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Carlos Acosta - September 7th, 2012 at 9:25 AM
This is one of my favorites! It invites you to experiment "the battle" and watch with tension longing for the end.
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