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I'll never be out of Love
by Y.L. Reyes on February 6th, 2014

I'm still a hopeless romantic. Making this statement leaves me in shock. I am 35 years old, my parents have always hated each other I and have an outstanding list of failed relationships with stories that fit perfectly in the script of any Sex and The City episode. From a Rock Star marriage of two years to a disappearing act with no explanations after a whole month of dating to a three year absurd game of push and pull with a spiritual version of Mr. Big. I have seen it and experienced it all and I'm still fearless when it comes to love. The next one comes and I forget all past experiences and start giggling like a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. 
My romantic way of seeing life is more surprising given where I have lived:  West Europe, the Netherlands, Amsterdam. The Dutch is a amazing society with great advances and developements; and yet one which seems covered in fear when it comes to love. I believe nowhere else in the world so many men and women exist, who could be the poster children for the phrase "The Grass is Greener on the other Side".  They doubt, they hesitate, they let love passed them by, make up an excuse and hide behind it. And the continue with their lives regretting their inertia and having the words "what if" tattooed in their brains. Intense feelings are ignored and replace with what is correct, logistically speaking. They planned their lives with such precision that many of them forget how to live/love. 

All of the above and yet no fear, am I crazy or just a masoquist? While pondering these charming thoughts one day, I began to remember my high school friends, many of them married by now for 10 or more years. I thought of my aunt and her husband married forever really. They still send romantic messages to each other, savoring their time together and simply being happy. And then it hit me…(ok it didn’t hit me, I had already figured this out but I needed a catchphrase here) it’s in my blood, my Latino American, Dominican origins which give me these endless source of romance. Dominicans are impulsive and hot tempered; our country is a mess, full of corruption and insufferable politicians and yet love blooms in every corner everyday. The best part is that the love remains anchored beyond any doubt. There is no fear of what its being missed; there is no looking back or thinking about the other side of the fence. People fall in love and they hold on to it, seeing its beauty and feeling, always feeling. 

So, I embrace my origins, why the fuck not? I was born in the Caribbean, with the heat of its coasts running through my veins and the stories and romances which shaped its history always embracing me. I adore this part of my character and I will leave the logical thinking for the practical areas of my life.

Yahaira L. Reyes

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